Initial Deployment

This guide is for Systems Administrators, IT managers, SREs, or DevOps folks. It explains how to do an initial deployment of CiviForm into your production cloud environment. CiviForm has the following deployment options:

  • Can be deployed into AWS using Terraform.

  • Can be custom deployed using in cloud or on prem using CiviForm docker image directly. Requires more configuration and maintainance.

  • Azure and GCP support will be added upon request.


This section describes the tasks necessary to deploy CiviForm new infrastructure. Many tasks can and should be done in parallel. Tasks may vary depending on the specifics of each organizations's needs, but the high-level components remain relevant.

Information you will need

The following details are necessary for the initial deployment. A staging environment can be brought up without most of these values, but you will need all of them for a complete production deployment. Deciding on some of them might require coordination across different departments, so it is helpful to start tackling them early.

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