Universal and Primary Applicant Information questions

Universal questions

Universal questions are questions that are intended to be used by all programs. When a question is marked as universal, it appears at the top in a separate section in the questions tab and in the questions list sidebar when creating a program. Any question may be set as a universal question.

On the programs tab, each program notes how many of the universal questions are used in the program.

If a CiviForm Admin attempts to publish a program that does not contain all universal questions, a warning will be shown, but the program may be published anyway.

Primary Applicant Information questions

Primary Applicant Information (PAI) questions are a subset of Universal questions that allow the system to take actions based on answers to those questions given by a logged in or guest user. There are currently four types of questions that may be marked as PAI questions:

  • Name questions

  • Email questions

  • Phone number questions

  • Date questions (should only be used for date of birth questions)

[!NOTE] A question MUST be marked as a Universal question before it can be marked as a PAI question. Only one instance of a question type may be marked as the PAI question for that question type at a time.

When an applicant answers a question marked as a PAI question, specific actions may be taken using their answer. The current available system actions are:

  • Searching applications by name, email, and phone number

  • Emailing guest users status updates about their applications

  • Pre-populating applications with information entered when a Trusted Intermediary (TI) creates a client

  • Updating TI client information based on answers to application questions

For questions that may be marked as PAI questions, you will see an additional section appear when you toggle the "Set as a universal question" toggle. The "Primary application information" section that appears will describe what system actions apply for this question type, and will allow you to set the question as the PAI question for this question type.

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