Organization assessment

What is your organization's approach to service delivery? Understanding how residents engage with the government as a whole and with different agencies in particular can help inform where CiviForm can fit into your work. Understanding which programs may be administered by other organizations or jurisdictions can also help consolidate access to those programs for your residents. In addition, understanding technical and operational capacity across programs can help ensure that CiviForm integrates well into your existing workflows.

What challenges does your organization face in administering programs or services? What opportunities do you see?

Any details are fine, the challenges do not need to be technology-related.

What key programs are administered by your jurisdiction (city, county, state)?

What other programs might residents of your jurisdiction still want to access, even if they are administered by another entity (city, county, state, federal)?

For example, if you are a city, residents may still want to find and access county or state programs.

What are the most common ways residents access programs in your jurisdiction?

What is your organization's existing approach to facilitating benefits access across programs?

Is each program discovered and administered on its own, or can residents access many services at once? Do you manage a central website or tool that lists all programs? Do you have a shared data referral or intake process across programs?

What role do community organizations or nonprofits play in connecting residents to programs or administering programs?

What outcomes is your organization aiming to achieve by expanding benefits access?

For example: Is there a specific focus on reducing burdens for residents, expanding access to specific programs, or supporting specific populations?

What role does IT play in supporting programs that administer benefits?

For example: Do you manage a central website or tool that lists programs? Does each program manage their own application process and tooling, or does a central IT team help provide support?

What is your organization's technical capacity?

For example, do you run applications on cloud or on-premises infrastructure? Do you have staff who are comfortable with systems administration or application development?

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