Common terms used across CiviForm.

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  • Applicant—Resident seeking to apply for government benefit programs.

  • Block—Can be used interchangeably with screen.

  • CiviForm Admin—Government staff that administer the tool. They set up CiviForm, create and manage questions, build program forms, and manage permissions for Trusted Intermediaries and Program Admins.

  • Enumerator screen—Screens that contain an enumerator question type. Repeated screens can be created from enumerator screens to ask questions for each entity enumerated by the applicant.

  • Enumerator question—A question type that allows applicants to create a list of one type of entity. For example, household members, vehicles, jobs, etc.

  • Personally identifiable information (PII)—Any data that could potentially identify a person, a corporation or other entity, or a browser or device by either (1) inspecting the data directly, or (2) joining the data with another widely available dataset.

  • Program Admin—Government staff that administer a benefit program and handles applications for that program.

  • Question bank—New questions added by a CiviForm Admin are saved in the global question bank. The CiviForm Admin can reuse the question in any program forms they build.

  • Repeated screen—A program screen created from an enumerator screen that contains repeated questions.

  • Repeated question—A question associated with an enumerator question. A repeated question is asked for each entity enumerated by the applicant when they answer the enumerator question. A repeated question can be of any type, including an enumerator question. This can create nested enumerator questions and later nested repeated questions. For example, an enumerator question for household members could have a repeated dependent question for employment that’s also an enumerator. This allows for creating additional repeated questions about each employment role for each household member.

  • Screen—A screen holds one or more questions. A program is made up of one or more screens. One screen is displayed at a time so screens can loosely be thought of as a single page within the form. Some screens can be repeated. Each program has one default screen.

  • Trusted Intermediary Group—Community-Based Organization (CBOs) who help applicants apply for benefit programs.

  • Trusted Intermediary—Staff members of CBOs who interact with applicants.

Last updated: June 2021

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