Create a program

Create a program

A CiviForm program is a benefits program built by CiviForm Admins. It’s essentially a vehicle to ask questions of program applicants and to collect completed applications. Once you create a program, you’ll need to publish it to make it available.

Watch the video to learn how to create a program in CiviForm. You can also follow the step-by-step guide below.

How to add program information

Tip: To retrieve a list of all programs, click Download Exported Data (CSV) at the bottom of the Programs page.

Create a program

  1. Sign in to CiviForm as a CiviForm Admin.

  2. Click Programs on the navigation bar.

  3. Click Create new program.

  4. Enter information for the program, including the external link for additional program information.

  5. Click Save. The new program appears in the list of programs.

Note: The internal Program Name field ensures each program is distinct. Once the field is set, it cannot be edited.

Add or remove questions & screens in a program

How to add screens and questions

CiviForm programs are made up of one or more questions housed in screens. Each program has a default screen.

A program can hold multiple screens and each screen should contain a logically themed set of questions (for example, all employment-related questions). Each screen equates to a new page when applying to a program.

You edit both unpublished and published programs. To edit published programs, you need a new version. For more details on versioning, go to Manage versions for programs & questions.

Add a screen

  1. Sign in to CiviForm as a CiviForm Admin.

  2. Click Programs on the navigation bar and select a program.

  3. Click Edit > Manage questions.

  4. Click Add screen. The screen appears within the program.

  5. (Optional) To modify a screen’s name and description, click Edit name and description.

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